A seasoned coach and trainer, Dianne has spent over 10 years in the Canadian fitness industry. Her focus on a holistic view of wellness, combined with a commitment to continual learning and development, has enabled her to develop a transformational fitness program. Dianne offers a unique perspective on training by approaching it through the lens of the mind/body/spirit connection. By honoring the oneness of your being in your fitness training, you can transform your entire life.

Dianne has had the privilege of working with a wide and diverse client base through workshops, research, programs and personal training. She has guided her clients through the fitness industry’s overwhelming maze of conflicting information, and assists them in finding pertinent truths that will keep them on the fast track to reaching their goals. She understands that extrinsic motivations never work long term in achieving permanent change. Her strategies have proven time and time again to be effective in assisting people in finding their own intrinsic motivation to ensuring long term, sustainable success.