Fitness is a transformational tool that can heal your mind, body, and spirit and lead to greater happiness. You may find this is an preposterous statement, but I have seen this happen for many people throughout my fitness career. This concept offers a new perspective in healing, by targeting the lower vibrational physical body or a bottom up healing model. If you correct the imbalances that exist within your physical body, healing will follow in all your other energetic bodies. This is a more efficient and effective starting point to healing because the energy in your physical body vibrates at a slower rate; therefore, it is much more difficult to change.

How energy works in our body

When we first think about defining who we are, the most obvious place to start is with our physical body; the color of our hair, skin, and eyes, the shape of our body, all the parts we love and the parts we dislike. Our physical body is the vehicle that enables us to live and experience the physical world. No matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs, we can all agree that we will cease to exist on earth when our physical bodies stops functioning. But, we also know we are not just our physical body – we are all unique beings consisting of our own thoughts, emotions, disappointments, hopes, and dreams. Have you ever thought about where all these non-tangible things exist?
Your being consists of four energy bodies; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These different energy bodies co-exist together much like the colors in a ray of light. When you first look at a ray of light, it appears as one solid color. But, upon closer examination, you find it is made up of many colors. These colors are able to occupy the same physical space because they exist on different frequencies. The concept of different spectrums of colors existing within a single unit was first introduced In the 17th century by Sir Isaac Newton in his book Opticks. Newton observed that when a narrow beam of sunlight strikes a glass prism at an angle, part of the beam passes through the glass, emerging as different bands of colors. Through this experiment Newton hypothesized that light was made up of “corpuscles” or particles of different colors that move at different speeds or frequencies. In 1802 this theory was proven correct by Thomas Young who was the first to measure the wave lengths or frequency of different colours.

Chakras – Your access points to wellness

The concept of chakras originated in the healing tradition of Ayurvedic medicine which began over 5,000 years ago in South Asia. Within the Ayurvedic tradition, chakras represent the points in which your body’s vital energy life force gathers. These points are primarily located in the midline of your body and work together as a system of access points where all your energetic bodies merge based on shared themes.
The themes for each chakra are the same for all human beings. It is our perception of the themes that uniquely defines us and creates our own unique energetic expression. For example, the chakra located at the base of your spine holds all your thoughts and beliefs around physical survival. Did you get all your needs, wants and desires met as a child? Whatever your own unique thoughts and beliefs around physical survival, they reside in this chakra. Therefore, if you want to change something about yourself and ultimately your life you can achieve your goals by targeting the muscle imbalances in the physical location of each chakra.