assisting clarity 1How is the first few days of June working for you? I personally have encountered a lot of angry and frustrated people as I go about my day. What is this showing me? It is highlighting the fact I have some work to do! Our lives simply mirror back to us what we believe. If we encounter a situations or events that we don’t like, we need to look within to release and heal the energetic root. Two people can encounter the same situation and have completely different experiences based on their individual beliefs. Another example; My friend quit her job and has for the first time in many years, free time. Does she chose to worry about her next job, or does she book a dream trip and enjoy her time off? The beliefs that lie within her, will determine which outcome she chooses.

Here is an exercise that will help you ground and open up to receive unconditional love and support through the bumpy energetic road of June.

Physical Health Benefits

The push up is the best overall exercise for your upper body. It strengthens your chest, back, shoulders, arms and even your abdominal muscles if executed properly. In the short term, a strong upper body would make daily activities easier. In the long term, studies have shown performing pushups can increase testosterone levels in men and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in women.

Energetic Benefits

The energetic points or chakras that you access through pushups are the ones that contain your personal beliefs, thoughts and emotions around your ability to cognitively identify and express feelings, self esteem, ability to be assertive and make decisions, and ability to express and receive love. Do you feel and accept love in your life? Can you identify and talk about your feelings? Do you feel worthy enough to experience a life you dream of? Do you feel powerful enough to achieve a life you desire? Let’s use this exercise to really help us move forward to a better place.

pushup1How To Train With Push ups

It is important to remember that a pushup is a whole body exercise.

You place your hands in alignment with your chest.
Set your pelvic floor, and pull you belly button in towards your spine. Your abdominal muscles should be engaged throughout the entire set.
Lower your body by bending your elbows till your chest is parallel to your elbows. Then, push your body back to the starting position by using your chest muscles.

Beginner modification: A great place to start is preforming your push up against a wall. Once, the wall pushups become easy, move on to a table or chair. Before you know it, you will be doing pushups on the floor.

I suggest three sets of 15 reps three times per week.