ClarityJune energies will bring us more clarity on the energetic roots of what is working or not working in our lives. How’s your relationship with yourself or others? Does your career bring you satisfaction? Do you have enough money? Are you happy? Whatever part of your life is not working, this month will offer you the gift of seeing the root of the problem. But, it is up to you to decide if you are going to take action and fix it or wallow in the injustice of it all.

Here are some excepts from the always enlightening and inspiring Betty-Lou Kristy monthly energy report:

From Agitation to Action (Excerpts Aurora) – With the recent April and May Astrological configurations spilling into June, many are feeling anxious, agitated and otherwise out of sorts. This planetary energy is designed to bring all feelings up and out from within the body that no longer are a necessary part of your life path.

Whenever you are faced with change, the Self part of you will try to fight against it. Even when the change is to your own benefit! You might wonder; how can this be? But, remember the Self is the part of you that holds onto your past life energy to attempt to keep you in fear of what positive change can bring. If you are someone who is feeling agitation in an area of your life, it is because you are outgrowing it in some way.


Therefore, what happens feels like a push and pull, where the Higher Self is prompting you to move toward the next event or situation in your life, but the Self wants you to stay put.

There was a powerful Astrological event that happened on May 19. It was much like a sling shot. That energy was meant to PUSH you into alignment with your purpose. (Which you may or may not have a conscious recognition of yet…depending on where you are in your journey)

A big component of that energy shift (which is still affecting us)….was the effect of Uranus in the sky. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change; it also rules some other things, such as higher communication and innovation.

As a result of Uranus’s impact, those events in and around this “sling shot” day were intended to spur everyone forward, whether you felt prepared for it or not.

However, if your intuition has been prompting you about

the changes to take in your life, then Uranus can be a great ally, as it assists you in taking your intuition and putting it into action.

Look to your intuition, have you been receiving message that you are unsure of?

Develop an inner conversation with your guides and the Higher Energies working with you to flush out more of the details.”

June Numerology – June is the 6th month in a Universal year (2+1+4=7), so the universal month vibration is (6+7=13 and

1+3=4) a 4.

The number ’4′ is the number of foundations, of setting plans and structures in place and getting our life organized in order to build upon a stable platform.

It is a time to reflect upon the structures within your life, your family, your home and your security. You can achieve anything, when you ground and anchor and take the practical steps to make your dreams a physical reality.

A 4 Month has these traits:

Directed Effort

Skilled Work



The number four is also a karmic number… facilitating us to honour the wisdoms of the past, and move forward with renewed vigour.

As an additional note: Before being broken down, the vibrational number for this month adds up to ’13′. Thirteen is seen as the last note in an octave in music (chromatic scale) – which is of course the first note of the next octave. Thus thirteen represents both death and re-birth and the opportunity to transcend your pain to emerge enlightened.”

This numerology report is telling us that if we are willing to take a honest look at our life, we will emerge better for it

Betty Lou Kirsty also offers some great constructive ideas on how to go about the process:

“ This information is helpful for those who meditate or practice manifestation exercises regularly.

1) There are two sides to every manifestation–a period of rest and one of activity.

In the past, we usually concentrated on the active side of the manifestation by visualizing a specific amount of money, a specific change in the body, weight, or appearance, a positive change in career, or a happy relationship. (We didn’t need to add the alterations with less spending, periods of rest and recovery for the body, or time alone.)

2) It’s important to envision both aspects of duality. If we want more money, it’s important to see bills decreasing while visualizing money pouring into our life. If we are working with exercise, it’s good to see an incredible exercise session and periods of amazing relaxation and rest.

For relationships, we want both intimate conversation and valuable time spent alone. It’s like a double visualization.

3) These subtle changes compose part of mastery, the understanding of how reality works on a more complex level with consistent changes in our perception of duality.

4) It is also important to remember the value of a consistent practice. With the fluctuations in energy, manifestation doesn’t work without the discipline of a devoted practice. Go deeper and discover more on the inner plane.”

So hold tight, step into your fear and uncomfortable emotions, and have faith you will emerge better for it!

Wishing you love, light and peace.