center balanceKeeping Your Center

We all live busy lives that pull us many different directions. Maintaining your center in life is a constant struggle for us all. The continuous striving for the seemly ever elusive balance between giving to ourselves and taking care of others, and life commitments. Adding into the mix the universal energies that put us collectively on a specific healing path, can leave even the most stable of us all, simply spinning.

So what strategies do you have in place to help you keep your center through life stresses? Many spiritual practices believe focusing on your breath to calm your mind and center yourself. This is a great practice because it forces your mind to slow down and focus on the present moment. But, have you noticed focusing on the breath is a temporary state? That you eventually go back to thinking about all your worries, commitments, concerns etc. For more long term results, I suggest focusing your efforts on strengthening your pelvic floor to provide you with the stability to stay centered and mange all life throws at you.

Physical Health Benefits

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that attach to the bottom of your pelvic bones, forming a bowl-like structure that support your internal organs, and assists in supporting the lower back by stabilizing the pelvic bones and activating your abdominal muscles.
The benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor can help with urinary incontinences, bowel issues, and sexual dysfunction. Also, a strong pelvic floor will help to keep our internal organs intact as we age.

Energetic Benefits

The energetic points or chakras that you access through strengthening your pelvic floor are the ones that contain your personal beliefs, thoughts and emotions around physical survival and ability to cope. Are you capable of taking care of yourself? Are you capable of supporting others? Are you willing to receive support? Do you feel the world is abundant and your needs will be met? Imagine your ability to always keep your center if you healed and balanced these energetic points through strengthening your pelvic floor.

pelvic floorHow To Train Your Pelvic Floor

It is important to stabilize your pelvis before preforming any exercise to prevent injuries. You can accomplish this by engaging your pelvic floor into proper alignment, contract your glutei or butt muscles and tiling your pelvis upward.

I suggest two ways of strengthening your pelvic floor:

First; the simplest way is to hold this posture for
30 seconds, five times per day. This is an effective way to create a new habit of holding proper posture without even going to the gym.

Second, the dead bug exercise is a great functional way to train your pelvic floor. The starting position is lying on your back with bent legs parallel to the ceiling. You simply set your pelvic, lower your leg to about on inch off the ground and back to starting position. Your goal is to maintain an activated pelvic floor throughout the entire movement. I suggest doing 15 reps(per leg) and 3 sets.